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Facility Benchmarking Services

Facility benchmarking is often utilized as a strategic tool to allow corporations to make better, more informed business decisions. A facility benchmarking study identifies cost, spatial and activity variations in the operation and maintenance of commercial facilities. With key operational metrics benchmarked against proper industry and peer groups, senior management can evaluate and identify opportunities for improvement, as well as functions that should be outsourced.facility benchmarking analysis graph

Glenn Davis Architects understands that an organization must measure their current performance prior to effectively managing change. Therefore, we work with our clients to develop detailed metrics that benchmark facility operational and maintenance activities against internal standards and industry peers in the greater marketplace.

As part of our corporate and institutional real estate practice, Glenn Davis Architects works with our clients to develop comprehensive real estate benchmarks, such as:

  • Facility cost per occupant
  • Annual project activity and BOMA comparative unit costs for:
    • Landscaping
    • Repairs
    • Utilities
    • Real estate administration

Ultimately, we help our clients evaluate the benefits of outsourcing non-critical services using quantifiable facility benchmarks to determine return on investment.

Few architecture firms offer services to analyze the financial operations of clients' real estate holdings. However, Glenn Davis Architects realizes that site selection strategy, architectural design, workplace amenity definition, lease administration and project management are all interconnected. At Glenn Davis Architects, we strive to strategically support the end-to-end facility design and development needs of corporations and institutions.

Our Process

Step 1 - Develop Internal Benchmarks: Glenn Davis Architects engages its clients by first quantifying the current state of facility services expenditures, spatial allocation strategies and financial cost reporting.

Step2 - Compare Against External Benchmarks: Next, we research external benchmarks, such as the BOMA building cost data resource, or Mean’s regional construction cost data, for a comparison with the marketplace. For design related issues, we can provide design trends in the workplace for North America, Europe and Asia.

Step 3 - Make Recommendations: Finally, we work with the client to improve or outsource areas where they fall short of the benchmarks and to institutionalize areas where they lead the benchmarks. We also help institutions standardized reporting by determining internally focused methods of benchmarking space allocation or chargeback costs.

Our Capabilities

Facility benchmarking scale modelGlenn R. Davis launched his firm five years ago with the goal of solving two very often opposing challenges: 1) the human-related design challenge faced by architects and 2) financial constraints faced by institutions, industries and corporations. Our charter is to provide objective measures and strategies that overcome the uncertainties all organizations face with their facilities projects, such as time, costs and relevance. Glenn Davis Architects brings together top consultants to support our clients' specific needs, to provide field-specific research, and to develop tactics to support your overall strategy. Our unique facility benchmarking niche offers design capabilities tied to market-based financial metrics.

Our Firm

Glenn Davis Architects is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). We are also certified by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). Glenn Davis Architects provides facility benchmarking services, architectural design, site selection and logistical services for corporations, institutions and industries. The firm operates in the New England region, but provides national and international consulting for clients seeking a unique combination of design and facilities services, coupled with financial modeling and business analysis. Glenn R. Davis, the firm’s founder, seeks to constantly expand architectural services beyond traditional boundaries to provide senior management with the tools to effectively benchmark their company’s current condition and make better business decisions.

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